Why Sambandh ?

SAMBANDH® – Relation between U & Yourself – It is the fact of every individual’s life before knowing about your problem or anything else it’s worthy enough to know YOURSELF. So it’s all about the relation between U & Yourself.

Our organization is for each individual as everybody wants happiness, more happiness & continuous happiness. To make you happy, SAMBANDH® found unique therapy on the basis of Spiritual & Psychological concept.

SAMBANDH® develops-Rudraksh as a therapy on the basis of psychological and spiritual concept for the first time in the field of mental health.

We all say- be positive, think positive and know that all the powers are within us. Mind power & positive attitude are essential factors in achieving success. All such positive statements are true & genuine enough but what about their application? We forget all laws & all powers when it comes to us . . . . . We don’t apply it in our day to day life, its true – everyone might have experience this.

But now SAMBANDH® is a solution for everyone who faces such problems. With the help of Rudraksh therapy & Psychotherapy, we guide you how to apply in practical life the knowledge you already have.

“Application of knowledge at right time in right place is what that matters or values.”

Rudraksh has that immense healing power- only its spiritual aspect is known but, it has wide range of action in physical as well as psychiatric complaints.

Different application of Rudraksh helps you to solve your day to day problems.

Rudraksh in accordance with complaint is prescribed to the person by our experience Psychotherapist & Doctors.

In today’s world, people face number of problems but all of them are different forms of the word “stress”. Everyone is running after their problems without knowing why that problem occurred to him or without knowing the reason behind it.

SAMBANDH® gives you the new insight a new vision, i.e. it develops +ve attitude in you towards your life & helps you to deal with every circumstances or problems intellectually through PSYCHOTHERAPY which may be in form of psychological counseling, music therapy or hypnotherapy depending on the need of that individual. Also for the fast recovery of individual, techniques of Yognidra, Pranic healing, and Acupressure are applied.