It is proved that Rudraksh has powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive properties varying for different mukhi. On wearing particular mukhi or set of mukhis of the Rudraksh beads, specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive brain centers (brain chemicals) thereby causing transformation in the personality, outlook, Charisma and Confidence of the wearer.

They proved that wearing Rudraksh beads controlled heart beat, in turn it enhances the amount of blood going to the brain. It can be noted that during times of high stress there is a gushing of blood circulation to brain and vice versa.

With the help of appropriate Rudraksh you will be free from your all Tension, Mental stress, fear of examination, phobia and anxiety & live mentally and emotionally healthy life.

Every individual is different from another so INDIVIDUALITY is the basis of our all healing techniques. On the basis of one’s psychological & personality assessment and according to his/her goal, which combination of Rudraksh is most suitable will be guided by our Psychotherapist & Rudraksh Therapist.

Even if you already have a Rudraksh & if it is authentic then how to use that Rudraksh or its application will also be guided by our experts, so that you will start moving towards your AMBITION & you will surely achieve your GOALS. Because of along with Rudraksh its proper programming usage according to one’s goal is also equally important.