GARBHSANSKAR THERAPY- Holistic Health Care For The Pregnant Women

Garbhsanskar is a Sanskrit term which means“education in the womb”. It is traditionally believed and also scientifically proven that child’s mental & behavioral development starts as soon as he/she is conceived. Child’s personality begins to take shape in the womb, & this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy.

Pregnancy should be by choice & not by chance. “The parent to be” couple must be prepared mentally & physically to welcome the unborn child. Parents spend lots of money, time & energy after the child is born for his/her development & growth. But it is that “9 months” crucial period when maximum efforts are to be taken for betterment of expected child.

Today when couples are restricting themselves to 1 or 2 children, every parent dreams about a healthy, talented, intelligent & virtuous child & likes to see their progeny successful in future. But the husband and wife need to take efforts in right direction & prepare for the same in order to get the desired results. Similarly there is also a need to convey the right thoughts to the fetus, after the conception. All this virtues can be acquired through the process of Garbhsanskar.

The fetus is extremely capable. The fetus absorbs a lot of experiences right from the stage of conception. In fact all the basics of life are learnt through the pregnant mother. Her joys & suffering her food & exercise, her thoughts & emotions, everything has an impact on the fetus. The efforts taken in the prenatal stage go a long way in achieving physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological development. In order to achieve that, the parents need to understand the process of conveying the right thoughts to the fetus, also called as GARBHSANSKAR.

Garbhsanskar therapy is the special efforts taken to stimulate baby’s senses gently so that cortical development is maximum. It is a way to improve intelligent, spiritual & emotional quotient of an unborn child.

Garbhsanskar helps in better mental & physical development of baby. This also provides a platform for pregnant lady to ask their queries, share thoughts & receive support when they need it the most. To help a mother remain in the best possible frame of mind in the interest of her growing baby.

Garbhsanskar is the complete Holistic Care for Pregnant Women.