About Us

Every individual is busy with maintaining their physical health,but it is the mind that governs the body & thus mental health is what we need to take care of first.

99% problems are related to mind.

In today’s busy life-style, every person has lost actual meaning of the word ‘Peace’ and ‘Happiness’ from their life,they are missing elements from the life of many,which are main ingredients for containtment and stability in life,and also which are crucial enough for mental health.That’s why SAMBANDH™ CLINIC is here for you.

In our organization SPIRITUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL & SCIENTIFIC basis goes hand in hand.

Our working system is mainly based on individual’s happiness – life long happiness and satisfaction. We want all people to be happy & healthy,that we achieve through Rudraksh Therapy combined with Psychotherapy.

Our organization unfolds a new era by presenting our ancient treasure – RUDRAKSH BEADS in form of the therpay- as the Rudraksh Therapy. Rudraksh beads are used on the therapeutic ground for the 1st time.

We mainly concentrate on the individual’s MENTAL HEALTH, any derangement in mind or mind related any problems can be solved with Rudraksh Therapy in combination with Psychotherapy.

Any problems/issues in your life/diseases or disorders you are suffering from would be succesfully dealt by us.Our field of working is wide enough including Garbhsanskar,Psychotherapy, Rudraksh Therapy,Homoeopathy, Music Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Counseling & Relaxation Techniques.